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E87- Samantha Bessudo Drucker: A Lifetime of Transformation

Episode Summary

Samantha Bessudo Drucker is also known as a 'lifestyle genie'. She's an image consultant, journalist, host, and actress, who has appeared in numerous TV shows and publications and is known for having the savoir-faire for just about anything. In this lively episode Samantha shares her interesting journey, including surviving a heart attack that changed her perspective on everything.

Episode Notes

Samantha Bessudo Drucker (formerly von Sperling), is a lifestyle guru, image consultant, journalist, host, and actress who has spent her entire career going above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals.

She has appeared as a guest expert on numerous television programs such as Inside Edition, Fox and Friends, Good Morning America and many others. She has appeared in print publications such as The New York Times, TIME Magazine, O The Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. By utilizing all her skills and training, Samantha has fulfilled requests from royal families, diplomats, politicians, celebrities, CEOs, companies big and small, and soccer moms. Currently Drucker contributes as ImageGal for and writes her own column, “Ask Sam” for Time Square Chronicles. She also raises awareness for the AHA.
A surviver, it’s one of her passion projects. Her education is a continuation of a lifelong passion for the arts and a foundation for her business. Armed with a degree from New York University in Educational Theatre with a concentration in Speech
Communications – also a classically trained ballroom dancer and actress – Drucker set out to offer the world a new approach She uses her diverse talents to help her clients become the best version of themselves, achieving their goals whether it be success or romance. She will help you win.
Based in New York City, Miami and Boston

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