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Episode 29: Kristen Stelzer - The Puzzle of Life

Episode Summary

Writer and telecom Strategist Kristen Stelzer shares how she leveraged one of "those" life crossroad and switched her career to fit more into what she felt was a life purpose. From a full fledged Engineering Career to story-telling and writing. If you want to take a leap and redefine what you do, this episode will definitely help you go in that direction!

Episode Notes

If you visit Kristen's Web Page you will realize why she's really good at writing and selling ideas.  She has a section on why you should Choose her for your Telecom Writing project and here it is:

Why Me?

You have deadlines, budgets, and writing projects piling up. Sure, it’s great to have an engineer who can understand information…but these projects require so much more than just understanding them.

Not to worry. I’m not just an engineer.   

I went to law school.

You may have heard it. You may have said it. “Engineers can’t write.”

Well, you don’t make it very far in law school without knowing how to write—a lot.

And most of my projects required me to explain complicated issues to non-technical audiences. But simplifying did not mean dumbing down. Rather, I distilled complex topics to make them clear and easy to understand.

So not only can I understand your products and services, I can also translate them into relatable marketing materials. Your engineers don’t need to spend valuable time trying to educate a writer…or trying to write materials themselves.

I sold ideas.

I’ve spent my career explaining projects to politicians, reviewing agencies, and community members. But I was never simply explaining a project. I was also trying to gain support.

I had to address their questions and provide sound, logical proof to justify their buy-in…just like you need to provide sound, logical proof to your customers to earn their business.

You don’t need to worry that I don’t “get” sales. I’ve spent two decades honing a clear, logical, and persuasive style of communication that will resonate with your customers’ engineers and non-technical decision makers.

I’m a project manager.

I’ve managed multi-million dollar projects so I understand the importance of timelines, critical paths, and cost controls. I am skilled at juggling multiple projects and teams while maintaining schedules and budgets.

You can rest assured that my projects will be delivered on time and within the agreed-upon terms, without needing to hold my hand.

Kristen is amazing at what she does, and this episode is about how she redefined her life so that she could do something that she has fun at and that she really enjoys.

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